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Garage Door Maintenance Service $109.99+Parts


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Garage door maintenance service offers routine inspections and garage door tune-ups that include a thorough inspection of the system, re-balance and spring adjustment, weather seal replacement, lubrication of moving parts, bolt and screw tightening, and sensory alignment. Our skilled technicians will also inspect the lift bracket, lift spring, lift cable, panel hinges, and top roller carrier. We will replace any of these parts to ensure your garage door continues to function smoothly and quietly.

Parts of A Garage Door System that might need replacement if wear and tear is shown

1. Torsion Spring ($50-$99 per spring)

Garage doors don’t rely on the motor to produce all the energy needed to lift the door — that would take a lot of power and wouldn’t be the most efficient method. The motor controls the course of the movement, and the placement of torsion springs above the door makes that movement easy.

2. Cables ($30 per set of 2)

The connection point between the opening mechanism and the door itself comes in the form of metal lifting cables on each side of the door. The bottom of each garage door cable connects to the bottom of the door, while the top connects to the drum. When the drum rotates, it begins rolling up the cable. As the cables are pulled upward, they lift the door with them.

3. Weather Seals ($30-$60)

The whole point of a garage door is to guard your car and home from the impact of rain, snow, insects and other natural elements. If it doesn’t perform this function, the whole mechanism is ineffective. That’s why garage doors come with weather seals along the sides and bottom of the opening. The door seals bridge the small gap between the door and the walls, insulating the garage from the outdoors.

It’s a good idea to check the weather seals every so often. Unlike the other parts of the garage door, you may not immediately notice if they become damaged. If you do notice, you’ll probably want to replace them with new seals.


Most people will only service their garage door when it shows signs of weakness or when something breaks. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous approach that can end up costing more money in the long run. Garage doors just like other mechanical devices can experience wear and tear, therefore it is pertinent to regularly check and/or service your garage door.

When to Service

For complete assurance, service your garage door system at least twice a year. Ensure that one of those services occur in the fall season to prepare for the cold winter temperatures and snow. Check the door again in early spring when temperatures and moisture levels have changed.

Rollers & Hinges

Rollers and hinges must always be in perfect condition. These parts are prone to splitting and cracking, therefore they should be checked, and repaired regularly to ensure they are secure. 

Balance the Door

If your garage door is halfway open and you notice it moving up and down, it is a clear sign that the torsion needs to be adjusted. Springs tend to break when they are old or in the winter during cold temperatures. Request the help of a professional repair technician to fix this as soon as possible.


Hearing an unusual squeaking sound when you open or close your garage door? This means that it needs to be lubricated. Lubricate all metallic moving parts with a non-greasy, non-silicone-based garage door lubricant. Don’t forget to open up the motor and lubricate all of the nylon parts with grease – especially the drive gear. Pay special attention to hinges, rollers, and springs, especially during the wintertime as these objects require more lubrication during cold months. 

Bottom Seal & Weatherseal

Depending on the condition of the weather seal and bottom seal, it might need to be replaced. The garage door should not have gaps that allow air and light to enter. If you notice these occurrences, it might mean the bottom seal is experiencing wear from animals or shrinkage from moisture, or both.

It is of utmost importance to have your garage door serviced by a professional twice a year. Yet it is also great if you routinely do your own check-up. By doing this, you’ll immediately become aware of the problems your garage door may have and if the help of one of our garage door repair professionals is needed immediately.


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